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Golf is 3 Games In One

Scoring is the ultimate test in golf, but there are 3 parts that go into scoring. * Full swing * Short game * Putting There has been a lot of talk over the years about how if you improve your putting or short game you will lower your score. I disagree, ball striking is far more important than putting & short game.

The fact is the best players in the world hit more fairways and greens then the average player, and when they miss, their misses are better then yours. If it takes you 5 to get near the green, even if you could chip it up and one putt, you still made a 7.

Let me put it another way, you can be the best putter in the world, but when you one putt for a 10 you don't have to be a great putter!

So using your time on the driving range is the best place to improve your ball striking, making sure to use a combination of technical practice and targeting practice is the best way to ensure you have a few more putts for par and even birdies.


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