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Tiger Woods & Rory McIIroy

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have been paired together in a stroke play tournament 23 times and looking this photo taken after their second round at the Northern trust tournament this week Tiger Woods is bored of Rory's swing talk.

But what can we learn from what Rory is demonstrating here ? I would like you to pay particular attention to his right hand and fore finger this is a pressure point nobody ever talks about, PP#3, it is probably the most important Pressure Point because it has the greatest effect on lag.

Pressure Point #3 is the base knuckle of the fore finger this sits on the back of the shaft and the sweet spot. It is the pad on your first digit of your index finger of the right hand.

Once this pressure has been set, you will then want to sustain this pressure until impact. You would not want to feel the weight of the trigger finger throughout the entire stroke because doing so would slow your rate of acceleration down and through the ball.

To be clear, the pressure is most necessary felt from the start of the downswing to impact. After impact, you should no longer be applying pressure as this will cause you to lose distance due to loss of swing speed


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