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Understanding how we learn golf

By understanding how we learn golf, you will be in a position to get the most out of your learning experience.

Stage1: The beginner’s stage

In the beginners stage golfers tend to think and talk about what to do whilst identifying appropriate strategies to achieve the task. The beginner golfer should be concerned with making solid contact.. This stage is sometimes referred to as the cognitive stage where the gathering of information is important.

Stage 2: The intermediate level

This is the associative stage. Once golfers grasp the general idea of the task, they focus on how to do it and the number of errors is reduced and performance becomes more subtle.

Golfers at this stage may make good contact and get the ball into the air quite consistently but may not yet be able to gain the desired distance or height consistently. They know what they are trying to achieve and so are able to carry out some changes to their swing themselves. This stage is about taking what you learnt in theory and applying it practically.

Stage 3: The professional level

After practice, golfers may become experts and operate in what is sometimes called the autonomous stage. Performers do not concentrate on the execution of the task and can now perform almost automatic.

At the professional level golfers no longer need to think about the mechanics of their swing and are often able to detect their own errors and make appropriate adjustments to correct them.


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