Opening Hours                                        Daylight Savings Hours                                                                           Starting Monday October 12th  

Monday- Closed                                             Monday - 12.00 - 7:30

Tuesday7am–5:30pm                                 Tuesday 7am -7:30pm

Wednesday7–5:30pm                                Wednesday 7am - 7:30pm

Thursday7am–5:30pm                               Thursday 7am - 7:30pm

Friday7am–5:30pm                                       Friday 7am -7:30pm

Saturday7am–5:30pm                                 Saturday 7am-7:30pm         Sunday7am–5:30pm                                    Sunday 7am- 7:30pm

We will be re-opening on Monday's from midday 12th of October till dusk through summer!

Our Story

Barton Park golf range has been the practice ground of some of Australia's finest players over the years with golf lessons available from some of Australia’s best golf coach's.


We guarantee you will enjoy the experience whether you’re a  beginner or a more  experienced club golfer.



Range Manager Geoff Nicholas