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We have a great team of experienced PGA accredited coaches available 7 days a week. The coaches schedules are staggered to enable us to have coaches available at a time that suits you.


Each professional brings different qualities both in terms of playing and teaching experiences, enabling you to best match a teaching professional to your needs and learning style. 

Dennise Hutton

Dennise Hutton P.G.A is the professionals professional who is dedicated to your success  with over 25 years teaching experience and has won over 40 tournaments worldwide.

To book a lesson with Dennise call -


PH- 0410 611 792

Mike Jones

Mike Jones  was the operator of Cullen's Golf Driving Range for 7 years.


I have trained and coached large groups of golfers where I have a proven ability to schedule sessions with clear objectives and manage a large group by providing guidance both to the group and individually as required by each group member.

Darren Golsby

20 years golf teaching experience -over 10,000  hour's of lessons reach your goals.

Learn the golf swing moves that have worked throughout the ages and will work for you to. 

PH- 0407 988 018


Nick Polias

Nick Polias Nick has been a golf instructor for the past 10 years.


He has coached all levels from beginners to professionals competing in the Australian Open, mentoring adolescents into becoming tour professionals.


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Hi Darren

Really great analysis – I learned a lot about swing mechanics, and what I need to do at impact!


Appreciate you taking the time. Thanks again,

Rudi Selles

Dear Dennise

I am writing this email to thank you for your help today. I feel there is much more difference in my swing now than before. After this lesson, I did some driving range, and hit much straighter and more balls into the air.


David Wan

Hi Mike

So for only one lesson, I am absolutely thrilled with the progress, THANKS!" "I want to thank you for helping me take a massive step in my golf game. For years I had been a high 80s to mid 90s golfer.

Jim Edwards

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